In February 2020, the work entitled “Assessment of Urban Thermal Vulnerability of Public Transport Stops” was completed, which was prepared by ECOTEN urban comfort as an accompanying material for the map of Urban Thermal Vulnerability and related maps of Prague.

The work was prepared for the needs of preparation of measures to reduce the thermal vulnerability of public transport stops in the Capital City of Prague. The final report begins with a brief presentation of extreme events of air temperatures and their impacts on urban areas, then deals with the concept of vulnerability to the impacts of climate change in terms of: exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacity. The method of calculating vulnerability to climate change is based on the proposal of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Vulnerability and its components were indexed by normalization between 0 and 1 (from lowest vulnerability to highest).

Assessment of Urban Thermal Vulnerability of Public Transport Stops

Categorization of stops according to vulnerability

Link to the map