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Project for Extensive Green Roof – CUBE building

The green roof on the CUBE office building was built in the spring of 2018 with extensive vegetation designed by Ing. arch. Jonáš Jokl to the specific conditions of the atrium site. The total area of the green roof is about 650 m2, the thickness of the vegetation is 14 cm, the load in the water-saturated state about 1 90 kg / m2. Approximately one third of the atrium is shaded all year round, the second third in partial shade and the last in the sun, which is enhanced by reflection from windows above the atrium. In the shade, a mix of ferns and qualities was designed, in the partial shade, quality, butterbur and flax, and in the sun, flax, peeling and several types of stonecrops.

photo greenville.cz

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