F: Adaption measures in communication, education and public awareness/environmental education

Specific target
Enhance conditions in communication, education and public awareness/environmental education, support monitoring of and research on climate change impacts

Description of the issue
Communication, education and public awareness (hereinafter CEPA) aim at acquiring knowledge, skills and habits, forming a hierarchy of values and lifestyle necessary for environmental protection ad sustainable development at local and global scale.
In cooperation with other bodies, the Capital City of Prague Municipal Office implements the Capital City of Prague´s key projects on CEPA. They include educational projects and field trips for primary and high schools, educational projects for teachers, a project on support to eco-councelling, a campaign on the Earth Day, CEPA regional conferences or developing public relation materials for the general public.

At present, CEPA aims at nature conservation and environmental protection. Moreover, it should also to include climate change causes and impacts having been considered the most important global threat. Therefore, it is necessary to enhance communication and education on policy strategies, concepts and programmes on climate change mitigation and adaptation. Green infrastructure healthy ecosystems play a significant role in climate change mitigation. General awareness of green infrastructure importance and healthy ecosystems and ecosystem services provided by them has to be enhanced by better communication, particularly on appropriate green infrastructure conservation, protection and management not only in relation to climate change.
In addition awareness of natural patterns in the landscape among the general public, particularly on water retention ability, supplying underground waters and mitigating transition periods between drought and rains, should be also enhanced. The public has to be informed on friendly management of water resources, both underground and surface ones, using rainfall/storm water, etc.

Proposed measures
F.1 Enhance communication and education on and awareness of the environment
F.2 Enhance providing information in the public health and sanitation sector
F.3 Enhance science, research & development and innovation in the field of climate change

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