C: Adaptation measures to reduce energy performance in Prague incl. adaptations in buildings

Specific target
Reduce energy performance in Prague and enhance adaptations in buildings

Description of the issue
The most important climate change adverse effects Prague has to be prepared to include an increase in mean annual outdoor air  temperature, tropical day and night number and heat waves as well as in length in their continuous periods. In addition, they have been amplified by the urban heat effect on the Capital City of Prague´s territory. Changes in perception total and in particularly rainfall distribution in space and time is another important climate change pattern, causing on one hand lengthening drought periods and increase in torrential flood frequency on the other hand. Therefore, the Capital City of Prague should enhance public space improvements as well as civil engineering and technological measures in buildings, because that is where its inhabitants spend most of their time.

Vulnerability and challenges
Buildings consume approx. 40% of the total energy: thus, they are responsible for about one third of the total greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, reducing energy performance in buildings is a step to of the city´s enhanced resistance and reducing its ecological footprint: at the same time, it is an important climate change mitigation measure. The current legislation, namely Act 406/2000 Gazette on Energy Management, as amended later, aims at energy balance of new building-up that can be specified by the Capital City of Prague´s own building regulations.

Proposed measures
C.1 Reducing energy performance in Prague
C.2 Enhancing adapting buildings in Prague
C.3 Implementing sustainable building-up
C.4 Enhancing rainfall water management in buildings taking into account cultural heritage conservation and built-up types
C.5 Enhancing measures to reduce solar radiation absorption
C.6 Providing legal, technological and organizational support to application of climate change adaptation measures in practice