B: Adaptation measures to reduce impacts of torrential rainfalls, floods and long-term drought on the Capital City of Prague´s territory

Specific target
Reduce extreme hydrological event impacts, i.e. torrential floods, floods and long-term droughts on the Capital City of Prague´s territory as well as in the adjacent landscape in the Prague Metropolitan Area

Brief description of projected climate change impact in hydrological cycle
Torrential rainfalls and changes in rainfall distribution –  Floods – Drought and soil & underground water loss

Vulnerability and challenges
Vulnerability to floods and Vulnerability to drought periods

Recommended measures
B.1 Flood prevention and control on the Vltava and Berounka rivers and on other watercourses on the Capital City of Prague´s territory
B.2 Enhancing rainfall water management
B.3 Implementation of measures aiming at slowing surface water runoff from the landscape and erosion prevention
B.4 Continuous changing paved water impermeable surfaces into water permeable and semipermeable ones
B.5 Continuing integrated restoration of floodplains, watercourses and reservoirs
B.6 Testing possibilities of the current water management infrastructure and providing citizens with drinking water
B.7 Enhancing landscape permeability and its use in recreation/leisure

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