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New water area Lipiny – Modřany

As part of the construction of the pond, in 2017 the entire valley was cleaned of unwanted vegetation and landfills. In 2018, work continued on the overall reshaping of the valley, sealing the bottom and banks with clay soil and the construction of a discharge facility. All visible structures were lined with stone and the entire bottom of the pond was gravelized to protect the sealing clay soil. The pond is fed by a sampling object located in front of the arch of the Libušský stream. Thanks to the construction of the pond, the open bed of this stream was extended by about 90 m. A small pond with an area of 200 m2 was created here. The revitalization was completed by planting wetland plants and trees on the shores of the pond and planting several benches. As of 12 November 2019, the project was completed by the Department of Environmental Protection of the City of Prague.

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