Specific targets provided by the Capital City of Prague Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

Specific target A:
Enhance microclimatic conditions in Prague and reduce the adverse impacts of extreme temperatures, heat waves and urban heat island on Prague inhabitants

Specific target B: Reduce extreme hydrological event impacts, i.e. torrential floods, floods and long-term droughts on the Capital City of Prague´s territory as well as in the adjacent landscape in the Prague Metropolitan Area

Specific target C:
Reduce energy performance in Prague and enhance adaptations in buildings

Specific target D:
Enhance preparedness in risk prevention and management

Specific target E:
Enhance conditions for sustainable mobility in Prague

Specific target F: Enhance conditions in communication, education and public awareness/environmental publication, support monitoring of and research on climate change impacts

More detailed data provided by the study Analysis and projection of climate change impacts in Prague, CzechGlobe 2016 are available at www.portalzp.eu.

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